Straits Area Amateur Radio Club

120 E. Lake Street

Petoskey, MI 49770

Phone: 231-487-0692

Fax: 231-487-0313

Club Meetings


JUNE 2023


June 24, 2023

Time: 10:00 a.m.


Members in Attendance:  Mark Postma, Susan Hollopeter, Jerry Hollopeter, Scott Cole, Lora Cole, Herb McGuire, Dirk Esterline, DeWayne Holmes, Patrick Sloniker, Ben Cherry, Rick Jersey


Meeting called to order by President Mark Postma – Welcomed everyone to Field Day 2023

Secretary/Treasurers Report:

                I contacted the Oden Community Association, and they will be emailing us the application for membership. Storage space is available, but we must carry insurance. I’ll know more when I hear from them. The building isn’t available for use from October to April because it does not have a heating system, so it is winterized. We would however have access to the storage area.

                Beginning Balance                                            424.67

                Deposits                                                               131.20

                New Balance                                                       555.92

                June Expenses                                                   108.80 Check 1001 Scott Cole/Voice Controller

                                                                                                   21.19 McLean’s Hardware Propane

                                                                                                    27.85 Meijer Water/Ice for Field Day

                New Balance                                                       398.08  June Ending Balance

Trustee Report

                The work is completed on the repeater and is putting out 50W after the Duplexer. It has been accessible from Sault Saint Marie (Canada) to Kalkaska. The wattage can be turned up, but it was decided that 50W was the best. Pete suggested that we install an inline fuse on the amplifier to avoid any issues. Jerry will order that and have it for the July cleanup at the repeater. We need to thing about adding a UPS to hold the system during a power failure till the generator starts. All the equipment has been labeled that belongs to SAARC. CCECPOS had equipment in our rack that was moved to a new location by Pete and Del.

Old Business

                The July meeting will be held on the 29th starting at 10:00 a.m.  This meeting is a work meeting, and we need as many people there as possible. DeWayne and Scott will go up on Friday and mow, but we sill need to have a push mower, weed eater, and other lawn tools to finish the area around the building. The door needs to be repaired so it can be secured. After the last visit to the repeater, it was discovered that the outside footings need to be shored up to prevent any further damage to the building. There is also a heater that needs to be rewired. It was suggested that we contact CCECPSO about splitting the costs of the building repairs since it also houses their equipment. Scott made a motion to contact CCECPOS about sharing the cost of repairs, seconded by DeWayne. Jerry will them after the holiday and let them know what repairs need to be done and a rough estimate of the cost. Scott informed everyone that Del has given us permission to set up a 10M Split Sight Repeater. The club will supply water and food for the June Cleanup.

                The August meeting is always the club picnic at Spring Park. This year we will be moving to Petoskey State Park so that we can do a Parks on The Air Activation. Susan will call Petoskey State Park and inquire about the use of the Pavilion on August 26th.

                Raffle – Susan spoke with the Gamming Commission and all the needed documents are already on file for them. The application and $50 will be sent out before the next meeting. Discussion was held again on the type of Raffle and the cost per ticket. This first raffle will be a straight 50/50 and tickets will be 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. The drawing will be held at 4 p.m. on November 35, 2023, at J.W. Filmore’s. This will also serve as our Annual Meeting for Nominations/Elections. We will also vote on the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws. Ben suggested that we seek donations as gifts. It was decided that the first raffle will be a straight 50/50 and we will do another raffle where we will seek donated items as prizes. Lora Pointed out that prizes shouldn’t be HAM Radio oriented since ticket sales will be to non-Amateur Radio Operators.

                Pancake Breakfast = Discussion was held about having a Pancake Breakfast during the winter months. Susan suggested that President Postma appoint a Public Relations Committee to get the word out about club meetings, activities, and events. This committee will consist of Mark Postma, Susan Hollopeter, Jerry Hollopeter, Scott Cole, and Herb McGuire. Jerry will talk to Del about who to contact at the radio stations for advertising.

                The Salvation Army Building has been under renovation this Summer. Scott will talk to Roman and see when we have access to the building again.

                Scott reminded everyone that we need to do a 6-hour shift (as a club – members can do 1- or 2-hour shifts) for the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. He suggested that we have something with the Club Logo on it to identify who we are. He will look into the cost of jackets.

New Business

                Dirk would like to see everyone make at least a few contacts during the contest.

                Lora pointed out that the club radios and equipment still need to be labeled.

                In November we will be going back to filling out membership applications when joining the club. This was done for years, and then dropped or those records are missing.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.




MAY 2023


May 20, 2023

Time: 12:30 p.m.


Members in Attendance: Mark Postma, Susan Hollopeter, Jerry Hollopeter, Scott Cole, Lora Cole, Patrick Sloniker, Blaine Rawson, Herb McGuire, Rick Pagel


Meeting called to order by President Mark Postma

Secretary/Treasurers Report.

               We received an email from Del Reynolds about the charges for installing the antenna. Members were emailed to donate towards this so we could get the bill paid. A Cashier’s Check was mailed to Del Reynolds in the amount of $500. Thanks to everyone who donated we were able to cover the bill with some left over. We have received our official 501c3 Certificate. The Treasurer’s Report is attached at the end of minutes.

               Everyone was emailed regarding the Constitution and By-Laws. We reviewed all necessary changes to both documents. Scott suggested that Junior Membership be combined under the Family Membership. There was discussion about By-Laws Article II – Membership Sec. 4 “Sec. 4 – Any member may be expelled from the CLUB by TWO-THIRDS (2/3) majority of the REGULAR members present at a REGULAR or ANNUAL meeting,” Discussion was held regarding an incident that happened during the April meeting, and changing this to reflect that “Any officer of SAARC may be removed from office if the best interest of Straits Area Amateur Radio Club is compromised. A TWO-THIRDS (2/3) majority vote of the membership at a REGULAR or ANNUAL meeting would be required.” Susan made a motion to accept the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws. Scott seconded the motion. All members present were in favor. We will hold a vote to accept the revised Constitution and By-Laws at the June meeting.


Trustee Report. Jerry went to the repeater and cleaned up the building. The door needs repairs. It does not lock securely. In July we need to plan to do repairs to the door, finish cleaning the building, and mowing and doing general clean-up of the surrounding area. The building needs to be secured against rodents (Mice and Snakes). There is an electric heater that is not wired safely or correctly that needs to be fixed as well. Lora suggested that we wait till CCEC moved their equipment before we do any of the repairs and clean-up. Members will donate needed supplies to limit what needs to be spent. Del Reynolds is still donating antenna space to SAARC. Jerry has done repairs to the amplifier. He’s meeting with Pete next week to test it to see if the transistors are good or need to be replaced. The cost of new transistors is approximately $40. After the amplifier is replaced, we should be operating at 100% power.


Old Business

               Discussion about some type of fundraiser to increase our funds. 50/50 Raffle would be the least difficult. Starting on October 1. 2023 to November 24, 2023, with the drawing on November 25, 2023. Paperwork needs to be started now to have it completed in time for October 1, 2023. Susan made a motion to do a 50/50 Seconded by Scott. All members were in favor of doing the raffle. The goal to raise is between $1000 and $1500. Discussion was held on the value of the tickets. Tickets will be $1 for 1 ticket or $5 for 6 tickets.

               Discussion was started about joining the Oden Community Center. Yearly dues are thought to be $10. Oden Hall has a kitchen, and storage in the basement that is available to members to use for other fundraisers such as Pancake Breakfast, Swap, and the Tech in a Day class. Scott made a motion to Join Oden Community Center and it was seconded by Patrick. Jerry suggested that we start planning quarterly events to raise money.

               Fox Hunt – Jerry will put together a plan for a fox hunt and present it at the June meeting. Prior to a fox hunt he would like to hold a class on how to do a fox hunt. Previous fox hunts have drawn HAM’s from the Grand Rapids region.

               Field day clean-up has been moved from June 16th to June 19th. Discussion was continued about what all needs to be done to get the site ready for the weekend.

               Field day – Jerry and Susan will provide a Smoked Beef Brisket for lunch on Saturday before the contest begins. Scott and Lora have donated $100 towards the purchase of things needed for the picnic. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to pass. We will provide plates, plasticware, napkins, and cups for the picnic.


There are two Swaps coming up. June 4, 2023 in Chelsea, MI and June 10, 2023 in Newberry, MI


               NO NEW BUSINESS

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Susan and seconded by Scott




The checking account is opened.

               Starting Balance:                             $451.42

               Deposits:                                                                         $473.25

               Total Withdrawals:                                                                                      $500.00

               Ending Balance:                               $424.67

               Pending Deposit:                                                           $100.00

               Pending Ending Balance:               $524.67



APRIL 2023


April 29, 2023

Time 10:12 a.m.

Members in attendance: Mark Postma, Ralph Mueller, Susan Hollopeter, Jerry Hollopeter, Scott Cole, Lora Cole, Ben Cherry, Patrick Sloniker, Larry Pensinger, DeWayne Holmes, Herb McGuire, Rick Knack, Janet Knack.

Guests: Tom Olsen (KE8WXR), Jim Kargol (KO8P)



Meeting called to order by President Mark Postma. Thanked all our guests for attending.


Secretary/Treasurer Report 

               We received the information needed from LARA about reestablishing the 501©3 and emailed all current members to take a vote to allow the spending of $325 for fees and fines. At that time everyone except 3 responded to the email, and we paid all the fines and fees plus certified mailings and money order. We are waiting for the information to change in LARA and then we can open the bank account.

Trustee paperwork was filled out and submitted to the FCC for the change of Trustee. Jerry Hollopeter is now the Club Trustee.

               Our club balance at the start of the month was $757.26.

               Money Order                                                                 $326.75

               Certified Mailing and Envelope                                  $$6.37

               2nd Certified Mailing and Envelope                           $7.72

                Balance                                                                           $426.42

Dues collected prior to the meeting.

Herb McGuire                                                                               $10

Rick & Janet Knack                                                                       $15

New Balance                                                                                 $451.42




Trustee Report – Jerry, Scott, and Nelson met with Dell and Pete at the repeater to troubleshoot the issues. The APRS that had been hooked up to our equipment has since been removed. We have a significant loss in power (18w to 9w) at the tower. As discussed before there are 2 cans missing and we have no idea where they are or when they were removed. Dell is going to take the 4-bay antenna that is up there and move it to between 150’ to 200’ on the tower. (Since the meeting Dell has decided to purchase an antenna for the club and it will be mounted at approximately 180’) Nelson gave Jerry the amplifier while at the repeater and there is fixable damage to the welds and probably needs new transistors. Those can be purchased online for about $40.



Next meeting will be held at East Park in Resort Township on May 20th starting at Noon. This year please bring what you want to toss on the grill and a side dish to pass. If we are interested in taking part in Parks on the Air, we will have to move the location to a State Park Area. Please give us your preference in the comments.


Ideas for club activities were discussed.

Fox Hunt – possibly doing a project day to build an antenna.

Swap Meet – Scott has contacted the Petoskey VFW about using their hall for a Swap sometime in the future. He has not heard back but will keep us up to date.

Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringing. Roman would like us to participate this year. Shifts would be 1 to 2 hours per person.

Motion made Scott to adjourn the meeting 2nd by DeWayne.



MARCH 2023

March 25, 2023

Time 10:05 a.m.

Members in attendance: Mark Postma, Ralph Mueller, Nelson Ogden, Susan Hollopeter, Jerry Hollopeter, Scott Cole, Lora Cole, Blaine Rawson, Herb McGuire, Patrick Sloniker, Rick Pagel, Ben Cherry.

Guests: Roman Hank (Salvation Army) Rick Fleming (KI7QMD)

Meeting called to order by President Mark Postma. He thanked Roman Hank from the Salvation Army for allowing us to use their building for our meetings and turned the floor over to him. Roman Explain in some detail the purpose and procedures of the Salvation Army. Topics discussed were the direction the Salvation Army is going in with the purchase of a new truck, new location, and about the SATERN (link to this information is at the bottom of notes)  Program. They currently cover three counties in the Northern MI Region. All SAARC will need to go through the Salvation Army training to participate. Roman is the qualified trainer. Next meeting Jerry will bring a portable radio and get with Scott about the antenna to participate in a SATERN Exercise.

Susan made a motion to create an Emergency Disaster Program Committee and appoint Scott Cole as the Chair. Scott has an ongoing relationship with Roman and the Salvation Army and will continue to be the liaison between both organizations. Herb McGuire and Rick Pagel will serve as members of the committee. Motion seconded by Herb McGuire all members were in favor.


Treasures Report: The end of year financial report was read and initialed by all members in attendance. Susan will be filling year end IRS Reports on behalf of SAARC by the filing date.

Current balance is: $717.26 Dues collected today in the amount of $40. New balance is $757.26

Checking account: We are in the final stages of opening the club account. Mark and Susan meet with Huntington Bank on March 21, 2023. We have all the documentation needed, but the address on the 501c3 letter from the IRS does not match what is in the LARA System. To resolve this issue the club must approve the changing of the address from DeWayne’s Quarterline Road address from 1981 to Susan’s address of 5994 Butler Road SW South Boardman, MI 49680. Herb haD made a motion to secure a PO Box in South Boardman. After checking with the post office, they do not have any available boxes currently. Herb made a motion that the club address should be the address of the club Secretary/Treasure now and during all future terms. All members present voted in favor of the change and the motion was carried.

Repeater: Scott can’t get into the repeater again. Other members also stated that they were having difficulties as well. Ralph stated that he and DeWayne looked at the repeater and that DeWayne wants the Dip Net. Nelson reported the CCECSOP still has all the equipment tied together and that they have found and replaced a bad cord. Nelson does have a key for the building at the Stutsmanville Tower and will go with Pete and Scott to troubleshoot any current problems. Currently there is only a 4 Can Duplexer and there should be a 6 Can Duplexer. Scott also mentioned the Del Reynolds put a repeater at the Field Day Site recently and that could be another option.

Dirk Esterline would like to step down as the Club Trustee for the W8GQN Club Call Sign. Scott made a motion to appoint Jerry Hollopeter as the new Trustee. It was seconded by Herb McGuire and all members were in favor. Motion carried.

At the December 2022 meeting a new JR SAARC Membership was added to encourage youth to explore the opportunities of Amateur Radio. This would involve instruction by “Elmer’s” to help them secure their Amateur Radio License. SAARC currently has six VE, so testing could also be held on location. A press release will be written and given to local media sources before the next meeting.


Guest: Rick Fleming gave information for free Aircraft Equipment if anyone was interested in it. They can contact Andrew at (231) 330-8507. Andrew would like for one person to take it all.

April Meeting: The meeting will be held on April 29, 2023 to accommodate Roman’s schedule. We will also be meeting at their new location at 2350 Mitchell Park Drive, Petoskey MI 49770.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.




Susan Hollopeter (WD8NUN)

SAARC Secretary/Treasurer

Well that was a busy meeting! If you do not have and would like a Club Name Tag please respond with your full name (how you want it to appear) and your Call Sign. Lora Cole made a suggestion that we start a sign-up sheet for future meeting for people to bring something to go with coffee. I will be drafting a press release for future meetings and would like to have a way for people to respond, other than my phone number being published. I would like to create an email account that I have access to for the club. The one on this site I have no idea of where it goes to. I've have sent several messages through it and have had no response, so I'll assume that it was an email account that Chuck Scott had set up. If anyone knows the answer to this question please let me know.

Field Day is quickly approaching and we need to start planning. A week or two before Field Day Dirk and DeWayne are at the site to prepare the area (mow, clean-up, and setting up the rustic facility). If anyone has time available to stop by and lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated. On Friday we set up antenna's, the tents, and forage for firewood for the weekend. Again all help would be appreciated. Scott and Lora Cole graciously offered to donate  $100 towards the purchase of the food for the group meal. Please plan on bringing a dish to pass. Normally we do hamburgers and hot dogs. I'm open to all suggestions for meal options. Our biggest meal is lunch/dinner on Saturday during the contest. Other meals you will need to provide your own food, but there will be a grill and the campfire available for use. Reminder that the June meeting is held on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. during Field Day Weekend. If you were at the meeting and I have forgotten any of the after meeting conversations, please leave it in the comments.



 January 14, 2023

10:50 A.M.

Members Present: Mark Postma, Jerry Hollopeter, Susan Hollopeter, Ben Cherry, Kyle Sitzema, Scott Cole, Lora Cole, Herb McGuire, Dirk Esterline, DeWayne Holmes

Meeting called to order by President Mark Postma at 10:50 a.m.


New Business

Membership dues for 2023 are due. $10 for individual $15 for family

               Members Paid

                              Mark Postma $10

                              Jerry/Susan Hollopeter $15

                              Ben Cherry $10

                              Kyle Sitzema $10

                              Scott/Lora Cole $15

                              Generous donation of $35 by Scott and Lora Cole

Discussion was started about changing the date of the club meetings. Herb made a motion that we move meetings to the 4th Saturday of the month. 2nd By Dirk. All members present voted yes.

Scott gave the latest update on the Salvation Army. There is a Community Emergency Response Team Meeting on January 15th. He will ask about using their building for future meetings and starting a relationship between SAARC and The Salvation Army. Jerry made a motion to give Scott the authority to set the date and/or time with the Salvation Army. 2nd by Herb. Everyone was in favor.

Scott reminded everyone that our 75th Anniversary will be in 2025 and we should start making plans soon.

Dirk reminded everyone about Winter Field Day this coming weekend. QSO Party at Andre Cabin in Indian River. Potluck on the 21st. Contact Dirk with any question.

Old Business

The 146.68 Repeater is not working. Duane has not been able to do the Saturday Night Net until the problem is solved. Mark spoke with Adam briefly and he will look at it and see if he can see what is wrong.

Scott made a motion to hire someone to go look at the repeater and get an estimate for repairs.

Susan made a motion to allocate up to $200 for repeater repair. Dirk 2nd the motion. All were in favor.

Scott made a motion that we get a copy of the key to the repeater and give it to Mark.

Susan made a motion that the four checks written for membership dues for 2022 be voided and returned. The checks are over 365 days old, and due to Mark's illness and hospitalization we still have not been able to open a checking account. Herb 2nd the motion and all were in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted by

Susan Hollopeter (WD8NUN)

Secretary/Treasurer SAARC





                                        Dirk Esterline

                                         Herb McGuire

                                         Mark Postma

                                          Jerry Hollopeter

                                          Susan Hollopeter

JUNIIOR MEMBERS:     Benny Esterline


Meeting called to order at 1:24 p.m. by President Mark Postmas

Secretary Report: We have received our approval for our 501(c)3 status. We are categorized as a Private Foundation and will be required to file form 990-PF annual. This will  include our financials and assets. Dirk will gather a list of all club equipment before the filing deadline.

Treasures Report: Our current balance is $689.32 the only current expense we had was $275.00 to pay for the application for the 501(c )3

Old Business:

There was discussion on officer nominations for the 2023 membership year. Jerry Hollopeter made a motions that we retain all current officers as we are in the middle of getting the club going again. Motion was seconded by Dirk Esterline. Everyone was in favor.

The PO Box will expire in February. Discussion started about the status of the PO Box being in Boyne City and not readily accessible. Herb McGuire made a motion to move the PO Box to the South Boardman Post Office closer to where the Secretary has easy access to it. DuWayne Holmes seconded the motion. Everyone was in favor.

Dirk Esterline is being left as the trustee of the club call sign as registered with the FCC. The call sign is generally only used for ARRL Field Day. Dirk is also going to continue to organize our Field Day.

Repeater: The antenna has been put lower on the tower causing poor reception. DuWayne Holmes would like to drop the Monday Night Net for this reason, and just keep the  Saturday Net. Dirk Esterline mad a motion that we look into moving the antenna to another repeater. Jerry Hollopeter seconded the motion. Everyone was in favor. He’ll look into it and report back at the January meeting (if he can get a hold of anyone during the holiday season)

As part of growing the membership as discussed in the November meeting Dirk Esterline made a motion to ad a Junior Membership to the established SAARC Membership. Herb McGuire seconded the motion. Everyone was in favor. Benny Esterline is our first Junior Member and will report back on his ideas to get more kids involved in Ham Radio and SAARC.


New Business:

Now that we have our non-profit status, we need to get a bank account opened. Huntington Bank was suggested because there are offices locally and throughout the Northern Michigan Area. Mark Postma and Susan Hollopeter will get this done before the next meeting.



To resolve the confusion of when meetings are Susan Hollopeter made a motion that we set a permanent day and time for all meetings from this point forward. Meetings will be held the 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at J.W. Filmores with the exception of the June meeting that will be held at the Field Day Site on Krause Road on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


Important Dated

January 20th to the 22nd  - North American QSO Party SSB – Dirk is looking into reserving a cabin for this event.

February 11th – Cherryland Amateur Radio Club Swap-n-Shop at Traverse St. Francis High School 123 E 11th Street, Traverse City, MI Admission is still $5 and tables are available for $8. VE Exams start at 9 a.m. for anyone looking to upgrade their license. All information is available on their website.


Hamvention 2023 – May 19th – 21st

ARRL Field Day – June 24th & 25th